Raw ‘Oreo’ Ice-cream Sandwich


The trickiest thing about this recipe is the little paws factor: when our kiddos realised that we were making something that involved chocolate, cookies, and ice-cream we suddenly found ourselves getting an awful lot of attention and at every stage there were little hands poised ready to snaffle away the ingredients. Aside from that, this is a super easy-to-make, super delicious dessert that – and here’s the best bit – allows you to indulge without feeling guilty. These ice-cream sandwiches are raw, vegan-friendly, refined sugar free, gluten free and dairy free and this delectable Coco Tribe peanut butter ice-cream has all the taste and texture of your traditional favourites without any added nasties. What’s not to love?!

Makes 6 ice-cream sandwiches



640 g (2 cup) almonds
4 tbsp coconut oil
Splash of date syrup
5 - 6 dates, soaked in hot water for 10 minutes
6 tbsp raw cacao powder
Pinch of salt


Tub Coco Tribe peanut butter ice-cream


100 g dark chocolate, melted (equates to one regular bar)



In a high-speed food processor blitz the almonds until finally ground. Add all remaining crust ingredients and blitz again. Roll out between two sheets of parchment paper. Use a round object to cut out circles of desired size and refrigerate for at least two hours or overnight.


Before serving, sandwich a scoop (or three!) of ice-cream between two cookies then dip into chocolate and sprinkle with nuts or toppings of your choice.

Recipe created by @beetrootinmycake

Coco Tribe